A window inside life at Augustana College

Life…with a smile

By demand from my loving father, here is a brief recount of the highlights from my last few weeks. Hold on to your pants- its been a wild ride! -Visited my roommate Anna’s hometown for her 21st birthday at the end of winter break. Let’s just say her 70-something-year-old great aunt ended up dancing on […]

Ice Ice Baby

Hey all, I know been a while since I have updated a post I know, but hopefully this story will make up for my lack of blog posts! So like most of my fellow first year class mates, I learned the hard way the reason Augustana sells ice cleat covers for your shoes during the […]

Well that was fun…

So I woke up today thinking it was going to be like any other winter day….cold and windy  but when I got outside I realized I would have much rather preferred it to be just that.  Instead, I got cold, windy, rainy, and icy.  At first, I was not to hot for the ice…haha get…but […]

Cracking the case

As many of you may not know, Augustana has recently (and I mean recently!) started a mock trial team. When I read an email explaining that Augustana was going to start a mock trial team my mind did not even consider the fact that I had no time to do so. I hit reply and explained […]

Who woulda thought?!

So, apparently you can’t do more things than there are hours in the day. I am learning this the hard way. Imagine a mega advertising, web designer, lawyer, student girl. Welcome to my life. I have realized that this is the only time in my life that I will be able to try all of […]