A window inside life at Augustana College

Tis the Season

The first day back from Thanksgiving break is always a special day for Ana and me. Since freshman year, this is the day that we have put up our Christmas decorations in our dorm rooms. It is always a very festive occasion, with Christmas music playing in the background and usually we don’t wear pants. […]

Winter Term Here I Come!

Winter Term is officially underway =) I am taking Accounting II, Business Stats I, Business Stats Lab, Macroeconomics and Intro to Social Welfare. Also, I will be spending a lot of time working in the Admissions office, preparing for Rush and other activities with my sorority, working on a case for the Mock Trial Team and […]

Clogustana The Musical!!!!

Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that the Box Office Blockbuster Movie of the Year, Clogustana the Musical, is now officially out on Youtube! We taped this Freshman year and finally got around to editing it 2 years later. But seriously, it’s pretty cute. Props to Kim Hedlin for the editing!

My First Time!

So I have lived in Aurora, IL my entire life, until this past August when I moved to the Rock Island area to come to Auggie. And for the first time over fall break I had my first train ride to Chicago. For those of you who don’t know Aurora is only like 45 minutes […]

Guilty pleasures

I realized that I am weird. I enjoy weird things and do not think or act as a normal person would. I have been noticing this more and more as I grow, or whenever I just take time to stop and think about my actions or thoughts. Nothing I do seems out of the usual […]

Dancing Through Life…

Do you ever start to think that maybe your life is a cheesy middle school novel because there seem to be some obvious recurring themes? Yeah I usually don’t either. But the last few days of my life seem to be centered around one thing- dancing! Since I have a little bit lighter schedule than […]

First Official Blog

So, apparently you can get a blog if you steal a foam core cut out of an authority figure at Augustana. Thus, my Augie Blog. Awesome! Well it’s the first day of winter term, and everyone is glad to be back. I was actually pretty excited to start my new classes today…not as excited as […]

Week one of Winter Term….

So its already week one of winter term and it seems like it should only be halfway through fall term!  I love how Augustana does trimesters instead of the semester schedule.  Instead of having to worry about five classes at a time, we only have to worry about four and occasionally only three.  Yes, these […]

The official ransom