A window inside life at Augustana College

Registration, a Pain in my…?

So I had my first taste of college registration last week. Meeting with my advisor I was confident, I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. For the first time I was choosing my own classes, not based on  what a test place me in, or the regular math, english, and science […]

Week 10!!!

So it’s week ten and wow has this first term at Augustana flown by!!  It seems like just yesterday I was moving in.  The only bad part about it being week ten is the fact that it seems like all the teachers are trying to cram everything they haven’t done in the last week or […]

Homecoming Shenanigans

“Friends How Many of Us have Them”

One of the scariest things about leaving high school and going away to college is the fesr of being alone and losing those close friends, in which you have been acustomed to. But its one of the best feelings in the world when you meet a new friend and you wonder “where has this person […]


One of the most fun things I’m involved in here at Augie is Clogustana, Augustana’s very own clogging group!  Clogging is a form of dance similar to tap that originated in the Appalachian mountains (no, it doesn’t involve wooden shoes) and was brought to our campus by sisters Kim and Chris Hedlin.  They have been […]

Life is Good :)

My sophomore year is still very busy and I am going into Week 7. Wow, time is flying by. This past weekend, I went home and it was great to relax with my family and catch up on work. This weekend, I plan to relax and work ahead because next week is going to very […]

Track at Augustana

Hey everyone! Wow has this first term went by!!!  It seems like just yesterday I was moving everything in to my dorm, and going to my first track practice.  I remember being so nervous to go to my first practice because I did not know what to expect at all.  I did not know what […]