A window inside life at Augustana College

Bye, Doc!

If you’re a member/friend/fan/follower of the Augustana music department, you might have heard about the recent excitement in the Symphonic Band. Our conductor, Dr. Lambrecht (more commonly known as Doc) was invited last spring to conduct the Musashino Wind Ensemble in Tokyo, Japan.  He is the only conductor from a private college like Augustana to […]

Finally getting adjusted to college….

Hey everyone, Were now halfway through the first trimester and I finally feel like I’m getting used to the college life.  At first it was weird trying to juggle the homework load and all the extra free time.  In high school, I hardly ever had any homework and if I did, I finished it all […]

Everything Seems to Happen at Once…but Life Goes on

Hey everybody I’m back It hasn’t been the best week for me. For starters my laptop decided it wants to take a break and only stay on for 60 seconds at a time.  I took it to the IT departmeant on Wednesday and its been there eversince I really hope they can fixit. Thanks to that little […]

Augustana Lies to Prospective Students :-O

When deciding to come to Augustana, I remember being told that my professors “would get to know me inside and outside of the classroom,”  I would have time for lots of “one-on-one interactions with faculty members who hold the highest degrees in their fields.”  Little did I know that all of that was a big, […]


My life has been so busy lately! A typical day doesn’t allow me for very much free time. However, I am very happy and I have a lot to be thankful for. On Monday night, I went to this really cool program called Fields of Faith. It was very powerful and it made me think […]

Augie so Far…

Hey everybody whats up, This is my first blog entry and I’m excited. I finally feel settled into my new home for the next four years. Classes so far have been cool and interesting and I love the fact that I don’t have the same class on consecutive  days. Augustana has some of the best […]

So Close, But Yet So Far….

Hey everyone! This is my first blog entry so bear with me….. but anyways I am a freshmen here at Augustana and just thought I would say how much I LOVE it so far!!!  At first when I was deciding on which college to attend, I always kept Augustana out of my top choices.  I […]

Things that make me cry

If you’re familiar with the hymn, I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry, and you’re anything like me, you can’t make it through the first verse without a little tear leaking from your eye.  It’s a beautiful hymn about how God is always there for us from the time we are born, through our […]