A window inside life at Augustana College

I’m back =)

Welcome to my Blog! Tonight, I am going to play Bingo. From an outsiders perspective  it probably sounds strange that over 300 Augie students will pack the College Center for a game of Bingo but, it is really popular here! The first week of classes are over and I am relieved that it is the […]

Welcome, Class of 2013!

Hello all! This past weekend was our “Fall Connection” (otherwise known as freshman orientation).  As a peer mentor, I got to be fully involved in this awesome, jam-packed weekend filled with lots of fun and new friends!  The first-year and transfer students got to do all kinds of awesome activities including a riverboat ride on the […]

Junior Year???

Hello all! I was at Michael’s craft store the other day when I ran into a teacher from high school.  “Is that Katrina?”  she said.  “I hardly recognized you, you look so grown up!  Let’s see, you must be going into your third year of college.  Wow!” I guess I really hadn’t thought much about […]