A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello world! My name is Gage Meyers and I am a freshman majoring in Pre-Law/ Political Science with a minor in Japanese. I’m from one of numerous Chicago suburbs, more specifically Barrington. I work in the Web Services, making sure everyone knows what going on campus. When I’m not locked up in my room/library/Brew studying, I am in the Fencing Club, SAGA, Japanese Table, Politics Club, and WAUG as a DJ with my own swing music program.

When I’m not busy with Augustana, I play video games with my friends on the weekends, as well as doing graphic art. Here’s a little more about me:
-My favorite movie is The Godfather
-My favorite candy is a tie between Sour Patch Kids and Reese’s
-Hyenas are probably the coolest animals, in my opinion.
-The only band that I have ever bought an album for is Panic! At the Disco.

Loves Me Not

Oh Valentines Day, the one day a year that makes couples “official” and single people ever more depressed. For those in a relationship, I would like to say “Congratulations.” I am truly happy that you found someone that takes away the loneliness, and I hope your love never burns out. But this post isn’t directed […]

Asian Night

So last night I went to Asian Night hosted by the Asian Student Organization and had a great time. There was a lot of great food that I have never had before (I think I might be in love with Thai food). Originally, I didn’t plan on going to Asian Night. I figured after going […]


Konbanwa, So here were are again. It’s always such a pleasure. I’m using this song lyric as a witty transition to my fantastic announcement. Myself along a few friends are starting Augustana’s first acapella  group: Augapella. But before we can actually do anything, we need people. So I’m including this sign up sheet for anyone […]

WAUG: Past, Present, Future

Konbanwa, So where to begin. The first big piece of news is that my showtime has changed. My previous showtime was on Thursday and it was far later into the evening than I was prepared for. Having a show from 10-11 and still having to write papers and still be able to get up at […]

Return to the Grid

Konbanwa, I’m back. I’m officially no longer under the radar. So instead of giving you excuses I’m sure you don’t care about and/or want to hear, let’s get started and I’m going to need a checklist so bear with me: WAUG: Stay tuned Midterms: Check Winter Break: Check Me trying to be witty: In progress […]

WAUG: If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Konbanwa, I realize that I just posted a huge entry on Model UN and I felt that it was necessary to separate that and this post.  Skipping all the pleasantries, Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Saw family, ate food, football, all that jazz. Speaking of jazz, this week I’m back on the air! I haven’t been able […]

Diary of a Model UN delegate

Konbanwa, So the last time I posted anything was right before I went to Model UN. The experience was…interesting to say the least. We all left the college and drove to Galesburg (which had a great coffee place if anyone’s interested). But you don’t really care about Galesburg do you? Probably not (no offense to […]

First of Many

Konbanwa, To start off, this is my first time blogging in any way, so I may a bit rough at first. But in honor of my first post, I have great news! This weekend, myself along with the Politics Club, is going to Chicago for the American Model United Nations (AMUN). AMUN is basically a […]