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Fall term 2014 Recap: Now with HD photo accompaniment

Fall term had dealt me a hand of four courses, three lab periods and rehearsals Monday through Thursday evenings. Needless to say, it was crazy.   That was me after a lab that I had struggled with for like three hours: my group did well in the end though! I last left off with homecoming […]

Augie Round 2: Catching up and off to a running start

Hey fellow vikings and HAPPY FALL! It has been way too long since i’ve written so heres an update on everything thats happened since winter (?!) of last year: I actually went through the rushing process and am now a member of Zeta Phi Kappa At the same time I joined the music fraternity Sigma […]

its beginning to look a lot like Augie Christmas

Greetings fellow vikings! First off, I’d like to wish everyone a happy holidays! Time seems to have gone by a lot slower since returning from thanksgiving break…but its made tolerable by the promise of my favorite holiday CHRISTMASS! Upon returning from thanksgiving break, my roomie and I decided to deck the dorm(?) and do a […]

Breaking back into the Augie Bubble:The fall break of a first year

Welcome back to winter term! After successfully surviving my fall term and finals, I had headed into fall break with high hopes. I did some pretty awesome stuff over break despite the fact that I had stayed until Sunday (!?)  since I had worked over sixteen (!?) hours for the ILMEA District two contest. Over […]

Sometimes it takes something Insane to fight the Freshman Fifteen

Greetings fellow Vikes! Well midterms have passed (even though I technically didn’t have any…) and we are well on our way to the dreaded finals week. I’m finally getting into the swing of things: I’ve actually committed my schedule to memory, successfully made it home to present at a Relay For Life Conference, started working […]


This is my first post on my blog so I guess I’m just going to start off with the basics. I am a first year I am involved with Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra I plan on majoring in Environmental Studies and Engineering I live in Westie I absolutely love to bake   […]