A window inside life at Augustana College

Where are they today?

Hi everyone! It’s been over a month since I graduated, does that mean I am no longer fit to write this blog? I hope not!! My life is still in transition since graduation, I moved back home for the time being, and trust me, fitting 4-years of stuff back into one storage room was exhausting! […]

Bring on Graduation!

So, probably since the beginning of Spring Term, I’ve been in a funk. I was getting job rejections (but that’s life), I spent just about every waking minute working, I was missing the excitement of my internship and volunteer experiences, and I was just bored overall. I also had no clue of where I was […]

An inside look at the Field Museum

This spring break, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Members Night at the Field Museum in Chicago! I am a big museum fan, especially when it comes to the Field Museum (don’t get me started on their animal collection) so it was like Disney World to me! Apparently, I’m not alone in my excitement […]

Four Things I Never Realized I Learned from Greek Life

Have you read the article shared by the Greek Life Facebook page titled: “Examining the benefits of Greek Life?” If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend doing so. It got me thinking of how four years in Greek Life has benefitted my own education, and since it’s almost time for Augie’s Greek Population to grow, I […]

National Epilepsy Awareness Month

In October, I see pink. Pink everywhere. In people’s hair, on clothes, and even in many sporting events. While I am not one to refuse to support the great cause of breast cancer awareness, I count down the days until October is over so I can ditch my pink and deck out in PURPLE because […]

Ask Me About My Internship!!

The ending of my final Fall Term ever brings bittersweet feelings. I’m so relieved to be one step closer to my future (I’m quite future-oriented). However, with the end of the term comes the end of my internship; one that gave me almost half a year of the most amazing experience.   My Animal Husbandry […]

I’m in College, now what? Homecoming edition

When I was in High School. There was one special week that I could barely wait an entire year for. And that week was: HOMECOMING WEEK! During homecoming, our school would pit the classes against each other in challenges of spirit. We would get points for winning competitions such as float building, getting the most […]

22 Things I did before turning 22

It’s been hard coming to terms with turning 22 tomorrow. I feel like 21 was such an awesome age to be (and not just because I’m “legal”). So no Taylor Swift, I DON’T WANT to feel twenty two. Instead I would like to bask in my relative youth for one more day. And reflect on […]

Valley of the Kings- Rescued animals also gave ME a new start

My Story Begins: I started my education experience as a Biology/Pre-Vet major. There was nothing I wanted to do more than become a veterinarian for a zoo. After declaring my major, I was advised to get a start on my “animal experience” hours. These could be gained in a variety of ways including horseback riding, […]

I thought I peaked in High School…

Being a senior, my main job while I’m at home is to go through all my possessions in my room and decide to keep them, store them, or give them away. Going through a box of High School memorabilia (props from shows I was in, scholastic awards, and a sea of chorus competition medals) I […]