A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, my name is Gary Miller and I am currently a Sophomore at scenic and tree-filled Augustana College. I am a Colorado native who currently lives in downtown Denver and is a proud graduate of Columbine High School. I am an English-Creative Writing major with a Theatre minor, I also enjoy coloring outside the lines in the coloring books my professors give me here. I love being involved with Augustana football, wrestling, and Phi Omega Phi. If you take time to read my blog I can’t guarantee you will become smarter or know how to do Kung Fu like the Matrix, but you and I can be e-friends (as the kids call it). Most importantly — Go Vikings!

Augustana People: Ben “Candy Necklaces” Hodges

I met Ben before we even set foot in a classroom. Getting to know him through football and living as a 1J warrior in Westerlin has been a pleasure. Some of Ben’s accolades as an athlete at Augustana include lettering all four years, being named Team Captain, and he is the recipient of the Jerry Freck […]

2014-A Disorganized Photographic Journey (For Serious Folks)

    This  past year Augustana presented me many opportunities to experience the country and do what I love at the same time. Here is a small collection of photos that highlighted a special journey. Thanks again.      

We drew a _________ on a bathroom stall, swiftly called it art and Taylor won a Gazebo From IKEA

  “I want to make sketch video” “I have a really good story, but I don’t know what to do with it” “I really want to try acting” “I would love to write a book” “I want to start making a film” “I have an idea for this movie where an adventurer, maybe an astronaut, […]

Skinning Pigs, Throwing The Skin Around, Having a Good Time as a Family

This weekend was an eventful Football weekend. Local Colorado news that only I probably care about: my alma mater Columbine beat rival Chatfield. Columbine alumni celebrated while Chatfield alumni went to high school parties wearing their letterman jackets talking about how funny that, “new Austin Powers was with the mini me guy”. Go home Tim […]

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? -Internet

Before I get things started I have huge news! Take a guess at what it is!     That’s right, Bob Mazooka won his game of Jimmy Smits against Captain Ahab last night!     Another bit of good-news-happy-joy to swallow down into that hungry brain of yours, a little birdy told me the Mcrib is back or made […]

Sputtering Words, Fluttering Birds, Nothing Misheard.

Dear Twitter, The city of Denver and I seem to like staying up late together. Tonight were sharing a wonderful tapestry of a conversation. Tonight, I am told that tomorrow will bring dull conversations about the weather were having. Tonight,  I begin sketches in my notebook concerning my plot to build an ant farm in the middle of […]

Another Belated Happy National Poetry Month

April was national poetry month.   Here’s a poem by the dynamically talented Jeffrey Mcdaniel. Feel free to send your daughters to Augustana. Alibi School My pal, Jake, majored in corruption. His final exam: a girl from the Midwest, three weeks to dismantle eighteen years of good parenting. High results came early in the easy […]

¿nación de phi rho?

April is National Poetry Month, so read or write a poem. Go check out SAGA magazine if you haven’t either. Alli Petrassi, Hannah Bohn and the staff worked real hard on it. This is a blog about telling the truth. Tweet that. What’s your favorite toaster strudel? Quickly. Not quick enough. Today I tried talking to […]

Hard Boiled Detective Eggs.

The porch, the sun, the discount Chinese food, the Aldi beer. I spent the Easter Sunday enjoying little things. I lost a few games of internet chess and read a book. It was a real tear jerker. That caterpillar ate and ate and ate, but was still hungry.   It was a great day to […]

Bald Americans

St. Baldrick’s is coming up and many students will be doing their best Lex Luthor impersonations for a good cause! One of these students is Annie Martines. I’ll let her describe what she is trying to achieve in her own words from her link which is posted below. “Hi everyone! This year I am participating […]