A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Allison Nagy. I’m going to be a Junior. My major is elementary education. A little about me: I run cross country and track. I am an SNT (Student Networking Team) leader for the National Society of Leadership and Success. I am involved in Camp Kesem as well. I also work in admissions as an admissions ambassador. I love getting to know new people, and I love answering any questions anyone has about anything. I also love to bake cookies and cakes, read books, watch movies, go on long bike rides and travel. And I love photography. (I especially like to take pictures of Augie’s campus during the different seasons).

Orange Bowl

Besides cheering on Augie, I am a huge Northern Illinois University fan! My family and I go to the football games every year, but this year we had an oportunity of a lifetime….NIU made it to the Orange Bowl!!!! This is the first time a school like NIU has ever been to a BCS game […]

XC Nationals 2012

This year, Division III Cross Country Nationals were in Terre Haute, Indiana on Saturday, November 17th. One of my roommates is dating the only Augie guy to make it to Nationals, and my boyfriend runs for North Central College, so the two of us decided to road trip to the race. In order for our […]


October 31. Halloween. That typically means candy and costumes. This year it means a political science textbook and a whole lot of notecards! But the food aspect is covered with bags of popcorn, dark chocolate, pound cake, and lots of orange juice. With my last final tomorrow, I spent my day studying for it and […]

Crispy Leaves

If you are like me, you leave an extra few minutes early for class, just to enjoy the leaves changing and also to stomp on those crunchy leaves. Yes, I’m one of those people who go out of their way just to step on that crispy looking leaf. The slough path, although long and chilly […]

A Wonderful Surprise

You know those days that you wake up, see the sun shining but then look at the weather and realize it is 30 degrees outside? Those days are teasing. It’s like the weather wants you to go outside and enjoy the fall air, but its 30 degrees so you have to bundle yourself in layers […]

Oh the comfort…

You know that moment when you move into your dorm room or apartment and you see that light wood desk, that mattress sitting on a bed frame that has endless possibilities of heights, and that light wood dresser sitting lonely and completely naked? The thought that then passes through your mind is “how can I […]

Camp Kesem Again? ….. Yes Please!!!

Camp Kesem Augustana is a group of Augustana students that fundraise and then become counselors at a week long overnight camp that children whose parents have, have had, or have passed away from cancer come for free! The week of camp was one of the best weeks of my summer. We, as college students, could […]

Kesem Means Magic

For many of us, cancer is an unavoidable topic. It is mentioned while talking about our friends, relatives, pets, and even our parents. While cancer surrounds all of us in ways that seem overwhelming or even consuming, to be a child between the ages of 6-13, this feeling is much greater! When I was between […]

An Amazing Experience

As the school year drew to a close, I began to get more and more excited for my trip to Florida. I was one of 6 that were selected to partake in a week long internship at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine, Florida. I was the only sophomore (going […]