A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Jennifer Otwell. I love to do all sorts of things, I can’t really pick one! I’m the type that’s open to new experiences, so I do different stuff all the time. I do love watching the TV show “Friends” though. I am really looking forward to living on campus and meeting TONS of new people at Augustana. This is like a new start for me, and I’m excited. I can tweak myself to be who I really want to be! I am planning on studying psychology, so I can read your mind. Just kidding. I am usually the comedian in the group; I love to be silly and make people laugh.

A busy Augie kid? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

Let’s be completely honest with one another, being busy just comes with going to Augustana. It’s not a bad kind of busy, it’s just because we all love to be involved in so many things, learn through new experiences, and make connections with those around us. Personally, my week usually entails classes, a few work […]

The “Augie Bubble” is about to pop…

If you’ve talked to any senior lately, you’ll know that we all have this weird paradox where we often talk about our plans after Augustana (grad school, finding a job, going abroad, etc.) yet we keep denying that we’re graduating in May. I’ll admit, sometimes I’m the stereotypical senior that complains about wanting more time […]

Friends…or almost family?

Today,  a few of my best friends from Augie (one of them has a blog– check her out! (Katie Kampwirth))and I were talking about how excited we were to see each other, because we didn’t get the chance to get together over break. One of them mentioned how we feel like her “Augie family,” and […]

Get yourself out there!

Today was the kickoff for Homecoming in Pepsico (due to the rain ): ), and it was a blast! Augustana once again was spot on in their choice of music (in my opinion at least), and I got to meet the band afterwards and take a picture with them and my friends! I’ve gotta say, Augie […]

Campus Tours!

Just this week, I went to training to become a volunteer for Admissions, and I learned how to give a tour! I know this probably sounds nerdy, but I’m really excited!! I remember how fun my first tour here was, but also how nervous I was. Personally, I know I’m a pretty talkative person (my […]

Mi Familia

Last weekend, as we know, was Family Weekend. Being a freshman, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. All I knew is I was EXTREMELY excited to see my family again, since I haven’t seen them since move-in day. Personally, I enjoyed family weekend a lot! My family and I attended the home football game […]

Finding Fantastic Friends

Usually, I’m the type of person who is very good at fitting in. I have an outgoing personality, and I’ll talk to anyone who starts talking to me. So I thought, hey, college will be a snap. I was wrong. It’s not that people aren’t friendly here, because believe me, they definitely are! I just […]