A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Vicky Gillon and I am originally from Evanston, Illinois, which is right outside of Chicago on the north side. I moved my freshman year to Oak Lawn, where I went to Richards High School until my sophomore year. Then I moved to Crete my junior year and attended Crete-Monee High School until I graduated. I love the outdoors and being creative with other people around me. Painting and creating/embracing diversity where ever I go are also things I love to do! I am incredibly excited for my freshmen year at Augie!!!

Getting used to it…

So I went home this weekend, and it was really weird. I mean, when I was home I felt at home, but I also knew that Augie was my home as well. I missed my family a ton and it was sad to say goodbye to them. I think they have gotten used to me […]

The Crazy Life of a College Student!!(If

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I should. I literally have been CRAZY busy! For one thing I’m pledging  APO the national service fraternity on campus. I am SO excited and I know it is gonna open up ore doors for me. I am meeting a lot more upperclassmen that are really awesome. […]

Only TWO weeks!!!

It has been two weeks since I have moved in. If I could explain the way I’m feeling at this moment it would be this: dkfmekfnwekjfhejdndkjnwej!!!!! I just made that word up. Truthfully there is probably no word anywhere that can explain the way I’m feeling. It is weird when I think about just two […]

Wait…wait…ALMOST THERE!!

So I found out my dorm last week. I’m not gonna say that I wanted to live in Andreen, but I’m still excited no matter what dorm I live in. It is no joke when people say that college is expensive. There is so much that goes into just stepping on to campus on the first […]

Starting New

It’s a little weird not being in High School anymore. I would be watching TV and suddenly remember that I am not an High School-er, I’m in college now. Now that some of my days are extremely busy and others are extremely boring I have been getting used to this new-found freedom of stupid busy work […]