A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Danica Gray and I am a Sophomore at Augustana. I am a Bio/Pre-Vet, Spanish, and Environmental Studies major with a minor in Chemistry and Latin American Studies. I enjoy traveling the world and learning new things. Writing is my other passion. I am involved in everything under the sun but COG, ESA, SGA, GA, TriBeta, and Rotaract are the top choices. Feel free to comment on my blog with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Spring Term 2013: A New Beginning Thanks to Pledging

A new term, and perhaps a new start. That is the mind set I am going in with. For many of us, it is the start of the pledging process, weather you are pledging COG, DON, OZO, CAP, you are about to venture on a journey that will change your life. Now that the first […]

Week Two!

I cannot believe that week two is here.. It already has flown by so quickly! I am getting excited to see what this weekend will bring, since I am not going home this weekend (Holla if you are staying to!). I am hoping that everyone else is having a  great week and getting involved! I […]

Starting the Year Off Right

As a freshman, I have been feeling overwhelmed. All the new classes and clubs and activities are almost to much to handle. Sometimes I think oh maybe I shouldn’t have taken such a hard course load or not signed up for that club or that sport, but in the end I know that it will […]