A window inside life at Augustana College

My name is Cody Hootman, and I am currently in my second year. I am from Hoffman Estates, Illinois, which is in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I am extremely involved in many campus organizations, but still find time to work and get all of my homework done. At home, I work constantly as well as volunteer for a local hospital. With quite a rough first year, I have now found my footing and am doing better than ever before. I hope to try and write at least once a week, but hopefully more often. I hope you enjoy my story of developing here at Augustana.

The inside scoop of deciding on where to live freshmen year!

I get a lot of questions from incoming freshmen on where to live for their first year here at Augustana, and it is hard to say because not everyone enjoys the same things. There are a TON of factors that determine where you should live and I will try my best to get them all, […]

Letter #6: Dear Mama,

Letter #6 April, 2nd 2012 Dear Mama, To my readers: Again, I apologize for not having this updated, I keep trying to go back in time and give updates, but I have decided to skip all of that and just give an overview of the past 2 months. I will continue to update this, and […]

Update: Dear Mama,

I’m sorry that I have not been able to write on here for a long time, since over break I was not able to get on the internet, however I will follow up this update with a overview of spring break, as well as an alternate letter of week one and two of spring term. […]

Letter #5: Dear Mama,

Letter #5 February, 11th 2012 Dear Mama, I am very glad that the term is finally over, it was a long day and I still have some work to do, but overall I think everything went alright this term. The boys and I have finally been able to relax a little bit. I am really […]

Letter #4: Dear Mama,

Letter #4 February 9th, 2012 (Present) Dear Mama, I am glad that I got to see you last weekend, and I am even more hurt that we got bad test results back and know that the situation is worse that we had thought. Despite that, however, I am feeling more confident than ever that we […]

Letter #3: Dear Mama,

Letter #3: January 28th, 2012 Dear Mama, Today is the day of Dance Marathon! It is very exciting and I hope that it all goes really well. I am pretty tired since I stayed up all night Thursday studying for my accounting test, but it was worth it, since I got 100% on it! I […]

Letter #2: Dear Mama,

Letter #2: January 20th, 2012
Dear Mama,
Everyone at school is being very helpful with everything that is going on. Today, I feel a lot better, but still I am broken inside. I know that I won’t be able to go home for another 2 weeks to see you, and that hurts me so much, but I […]

Letter #1: Dear Mama,

Letter #1: January 19th, 2012 Dear Mama, When I first got the text message that said “call me,” I was actually quite nervous that I was in trouble for something. It was around 5:30pm and I was sitting in my office in Denkmann on Thursday, January 19th. I called the house, and dad answered the […]

Introduction to: Dear Mama,

I have had this blog for a while now, however I have not written in it since I have been extremely busy with all that I am involved in. My life lately has not been the same, however. I have recently discovered that my mother has breast cancer and it tears me apart to know […]