A window inside life at Augustana College

Though my name is Rukmini, hardly anyone can say it right, so people generally call me Ruki. I’m from Hoffman Estates, IL, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, though I only moved there three years ago from India. I’m planning on a Creative Writing major, with major or minor in Theatre Arts, and I’m interested in Sociology too so we’ll see where that goes. I love reading and writing, and I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and the Inheritance Cycle. At Augie, I’m part of the Quidditch team, Prose Board for SAGA (the literary magazine), After Hours (the creative writing group on campus) and SAFARII (an immigration and refugee awareness group on campus).

Writing Fellows

Wow, it’s week 4 and I’ve only posted once this term? I’m slacking, aren’t I? The reason I’ve been so terribly busy this past week is because of a program that’s very beneficial for LSFY students, but makes life a little more interesting for tutors at the Reading/Writing Center, where I work. This program is […]

Three Fs

No, those aren’t my grades from last term… Since not very much of significance has happened (since it’s only week 1), why don’t I tell you about my spring break? The best way to describe it? Three Fs. 1) Food Generally, the food at Augie is okay. And apparently, it’s getting an overhaul next year, […]

Nearly there . . . nearly!

Six hours of studying today. Six. And that’s for one final… After writing a 10-page paper for the same class. Hey, that’s what you have to look forward to when you go to college! Getting an eddy-cation and all that! Honestly, there’s not much to write about. Finals, finals, and more finals. Actually, that is […]


So, for my last post of winter term, I figured I’d do something different–a movie review. This might be a bit late in coming, because Argo was released several months ago, but if you haven’t watched it, you really should. It’s been nominated for a bunch of different Oscars (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor for […]

The Vagina Monologues

Yes, you read the title of this post right–The Vagina Monologues. What on earth are they, you might be wondering… Well, here I am to enlighten you. A woman named Eve Ensler interviewed a lot of other women about their feelings about their, well… vaginas. And then wrote a series of monologues about, well… vaginas. […]

Three weeks, three papers, oh my!

Before this term, I’ve never had to focus on more than one major paper at a time. It always just happened (luckily, I suppose) that only one of my classes assigned a paper as a midterm or a final. One paper, even it’s 8-10 pages, is quite manageable. This term, I have three due at […]

On Canceled Classes

This past week, I’ve had three 8:30 classes canceled and one more that lasted only 15 minutes. So, it’s been a pretty good week. Now, I like my professors and I like my classes, so it’s not like I’m thinking “Yay! I don’t have to go and hear about British Literature or Social Theory for […]

Christmas in January? Why not?

No posts since November? I’ve been slacking! In my defense, though, four classes, two papers and lots and lots of reading did help… But anyway, I’m back, and though this might not be very topical at the moment, I’d like to write about Christmas time at Augustana. The first five weeks of winter term are […]

What Happens on the First Floor of the Library?

I’ve realized, more and more, that one thing I really want to do with this blog is talk about places, people and aspects of campus that the general population doesn’t really know much about. The things you don’t see on your Admissions tours. One of the best-kept secrets (for me, at least) about Augustana was […]

1.5 Weeks to Go!

So, it’s week 9 and I haven’t been home since the start of term. I live three-and-a-half hours’ drive away in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, so going home just for a weekend isn’t really an option. I’d prefer not to have to spend eight hours in a bus and then another two in a […]