A window inside life at Augustana College

Though my name is Rukmini, hardly anyone can say it right, so people generally call me Ruki. I’m from Hoffman Estates, IL, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, though I only moved there three years ago from India. I’m planning on a Creative Writing major, with major or minor in Theatre Arts, and I’m interested in Sociology too so we’ll see where that goes. I love reading and writing, and I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and the Inheritance Cycle. At Augie, I’m part of the Quidditch team, Prose Board for SAGA (the literary magazine), After Hours (the creative writing group on campus) and SAFARII (an immigration and refugee awareness group on campus).

Staying committed in college

No, this post is not going to be about long-distance relationships. My experience in the field of long-distance relationships is limited to one friendship that has survived the five years I’ve been in the US. I know zilch about maintaining a long-distance relationship with a significant other. So you can figure that out on your […]

You Know You’re an Upperclassman When…

1) Peanut butter and jelly become two of life’s staples I have four classes in a row Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays–10 am to 3:45 pm. At the beginning of term, I bought a pack of frozen turkey burgers thinking I’d make myself a healthy lunch every day. How amusing of me… It’s ten times easier […]

Top 5 TLA perks

Since I’m a junior this year, I get to live in a TLA, a Transitional Living Area. Which is a fancy way of saying that I live in campus-owned housing that’s not a dorm. I’m living with three housemates in an apartment in Arbaugh, halfway up the slough path. Though it’s a long walk from, […]

Volunteering in the QC

I used to be one of those people… You know, those suburban people who complain bitterly about the small-town feel of the Quad Cities. There’s nothing to do here, it’s a dead town. Boo hoo. I’m so bored. Then I met some people who’ve actually lived in the area, and they very quickly corrected that notion. […]

Sometimes, professors make me very happy…

Only sometimes? Yes, only sometimes. I confess that I probably spend too much time compaining about how much homework they’re giving me (and when I’m given a week and a half to research and write a ten-page paper at the end of term when I have ten thousand other things going on as well, I feel […]

Bald Facts

Now that I’ve spent nearly two weeks without very much hair for the first time in my life (if you’re asking why, you must have missed my last post), I’ve learned that life is different in many ways I wasn’t expecting. So, for your entertainment, here are some bald facts: 1) People don’t stare nearly […]

More From St. Baldrick’s

Rukmini Girish previously had a wonderful post about St. Baldrick’s and I suggest the read. She’s looking awesome with her shaved head! Here are some pictures from some St. Baldrick’s participants.   Congrats to everyone who participated and the Roundels for putting it on.

St. Baldrick’s at Augie

As I type this, I am bald. Or, at least, close to it. I have about a quarter of an inch of hair on my head. But I’m getting ahead of myself. St. Baldrick’s, sponsored by the Roundel fraternity, was last Thursday, April 11. All of the shaves who had signed up had to arrive […]

Sometimes, Things Just Work Out For the Best

Spring term is busy. That is a fact. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking three classes or four, if you’re involved in two clubs or ten, spring term is just busy. My senior friends tell me that they have all kinds of banquets to attend leading up to graduation. And, presumably, there’s the job search […]

Django Unchained? A Little TOO Unchained

Easter weekend at home… What does that mean? Watching some movies, of course! My dad and I watched A Few Good Men, in which Jack Nicholson was fantastic as usual, but we also watched Tarantino’s latest, Django Unchained. Now, before you start sniggering at the fact that I’m watching an Oscar-nominated movie this late, this is […]