A window inside life at Augustana College

Welcome to my blog page, readers! My name is Ashley Wolfe. I am a sophomore at Augie double majoring in English – Writing Emphasis & Neuroscience. On campus I am involved in the Sigma Kappa Tau sorority, Cantilena Augustana, Co-President of the March of Dimes Collegiate Council at Augustana, and I serve as the Kiwanis International Ambassador for Circle K International, and as a Committee Chair and Lieutenant Governor on the Illinois-Eastern Iowa Circle K District Board. I also work as a lifeguard for the Carver PE Center and a student researcher for Special Collections in the library. In my spare time I enjoy writing, playing piano, and swimming. I hope that you enjoy my blog posts! If you ever have any questions about what Augie is like, or you want to learn more, feel free to send me an email at ashleywolfe11@augustana.edu.

That awkward moment when…

The funniest thing happened last week during Augustana’s annual Coronation and Sing (where they crown the court and then all of the Greek groups perform songs about Augustana to the tunes of different familiar songs, often with a theme like Lion King or Lady Gaga.) The men and women’s music fraternity and sorority filed in, […]

Strawberries and Augie Fruit Dip

Life is like strawberries and Augie fruit dip, so sticky yet so sweet!! I have had a couple of sticky-sweet situations pop into my life in the past few weeks. Like delofting my bed. Before: Now comes the hard task. Take out all of the stuff underneath–check. Take out all of the clips that hold […]

A Good Night’s Rest

Life is like a good night’s rest–sometimes it happens, but often times, it doesn’t. Like last night when I stayed up until 3AM writing a paper for Logos and woke up at 7:45 to get ready for class (don’t let the 3AM thing scare you, I just procrastinate, we watched Stand-Up Comedy today in Logos.) […]

Blasting Pandora’s 17th Century Choral Music Radio Station

Life is like blasting Pandora’s 17th Century Choral Music Radio Channel…sometimes weird things happen. A lot has happened this week… 1. First real exam. In college they don’t tell you what will be on the exam. You just have know everything. It was my French 301 exam. Not sure how I did…kind of nervous. 2. […]

Singing Christmas Carols in September

Life is like singing Christmas Carols in September, once you get going it’s hard to stop. Augustana has been chilly and windy since the last heat advisory was lifted. Such dramatic changes prompted me to burst into random Christmas Caroling last weekend, and this has significantly influenced one of my dear roommates, it’s contagious. She […]

Chasing Elephants in Zimbabwe

Life is like chasing elephants in Zimbabwe, the faster and harder you push yourself to chase after the elephants, the more difficult the task becomes. This sums up my first month at Augustana. My name is Ashley Wolfe. I am a first year here at Augie. Throughout the next four years I will hopefully have […]