A window inside life at Augustana College

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley LaGrow, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Graphic Design. I’m from the teeny farm town of Rio, Illinois, and I graduated from ROWVA High School. I work as an Admissions Student Worker and a photographer for the Augustana Observer. On campus, I’m also the Chi Alpha Pi Merchandise Co-Chair, Dance Marathon Entertainment Chair, an Augie Bigs volunteer, a clarinet player in concert band, and a member of the Live on Campus committee. I also keep myself busy by running my own photography and graphic design business and being extremely involved with the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership organization.

My Mushy (but Extremely True) Reflections of Freshman Year

First of all, I realize I haven’t blogged in almost exactly four months, but there’s a good reason for that–Augustana took over my life. Not to get all mushy and sentimental, but it seems like it was just yesterday when I was moving into Swanson and hugging my parents goodbye at the Fall Connection kick-off. […]

Winter Break: The Little Things and Procrastination

Winter break at Augie is literally just that–a break.  At most colleges, it’s a time to relax before a fresh new start.  At Augie, it’s a short period to briefly relax and procrastinate on the homework you have due right when you return.  Although winter break passed a bit too quickly (don’t worry, I still […]

Goodbye Stress, Hello Peace

My last post was about one of my biggest enemies, Week 10.  This post, however, will ramble a bit about one of my newest and most delightful friends–Week 1. Since Augustana’s on trimesters, we recently started our winter term.  Most people are taking four classes; however, I only have to take three thanks to taking […]

My Worst Enemy

I recently met my worst enemy–Week 10. Week 10 is just like any other week at most colleges; however, at Augie, it is the week that completely engulfs your social life and free time.  For those of you who don’t attend Augie, we’re on the trimester system–10 week terms separated by breaks of roughly a […]

Goodbye Labels, Hello Me

As stressful as registration hell currently is for me, I do realize that there are a few things that I will never stop loving about college.  The main one being the one I’ve been excited for since high school. I am exactly who I want to be here. Coming to Augie gave me a fresh […]

Just a small town girl…

I have never pictured myself as a “country girl” in any shape or form… until I came to Augie. Just about all of my friends and anyone else I meet here on campus are from Chicago suburbs; on occasion, I’ll find the few from other cities or big towns.  I, on the other hand, have […]

5 Ways My Floormates Know I Have Downtime

Lately, I have been lacking some much needed downtime.  However, when I’ve had downtime here at Augie so far, it has probably been no mystery to my floormates.  Off of the top of my head, I can think of five ways good ol’ Swanson 2E knows when I have downtime. 1. New artwork appears on […]

Thumbs Up for Midterm Week!

Watch this YouTube video in its entirety before reading my post!   This, my friends, is me at this very moment in time. Study.  Eat.  Write a paper.  Study some more.  Sleep if I’m lucky.  This was my routine for about the past week, and it’s made life seem a bit unbearable at times.  I’ve learned one […]

A Roommate Love Story

Being in college for a month, I’ve seen and heard about just about every type of roommate pairing possible–the former high school classmates, the random pairing that turned out pretty well, and then there’s the people that I wonder if they played a guessing game with the bubbles on the roommate personality surveys.  I, however, […]