A window inside life at Augustana College

I am a first year from De Pue Illinois. My plan is to major in Business and minor in Spanish, although it will most likely change a couple of times during the next four years. I try to stay busy so I like being involved in many activities. I am currently part of Emerge, Business Club, MPB, Latinos Unidos, Augie Bigs, and now Augie Blogging! I will try to blog often, and hope you enjoy my blogs!

Getting Paid…to Talk!?

When I first came to campus I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work or not. Being a first year, I decided to wait and see how classes went and then decide whether or not I could handle it. Fall term was a little stressful at times but overall it went fine and I also […]

….I am a survivor!

I am proud to say that I survived my first college term! The past few weeks have been bitter sweet and full of new experiences. I expected leaving home to be hard, but surprising adjusted fairly easily. Changing my high school study habits was the next step. It just took a couple of days and […]

All new experiences…

I always love when it the time comes to start new classes. For two reasons, one because I get to try new things, and two, because I get tired of always doing the same thing so I want the old classes to end. Last week was registration week for first years here at Augie. Unlike […]

Living the Business Life

When I graduated from H.S. I had heart set on majoring in psychology. Over the summer I took a psychology course and realized that psych was not for me. I started to get an interest in business and by the time I got to Augie I knew that business would be my new major. Why […]

It’s hard to admit it, but they were right!

Before starting college we were all bombarded with advice. Try new things, buy your books online, don’t party too much, etc… Let’s be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to some of the things we were told becuase we didn’t think they would be true, for example: Most of your assignments will  be reading…TRUE! Whenever […]

Confessions of an Augieholic.

At this time last year, when most seniors were thinking about what college they would apply to, the only thing on my mind was homecoming. I would have never imagined coming to Augustana, to be honest I didn’t even know about it! It wasn’t until a family friend mentioned to me that I should apply […]