A window inside life at Augustana College

I am a first year from De Pue Illinois. My plan is to major in Business and minor in Spanish, although it will most likely change a couple of times during the next four years. I try to stay busy so I like being involved in many activities. I am currently part of Emerge, Business Club, MPB, Latinos Unidos, Augie Bigs, and now Augie Blogging! I will try to blog often, and hope you enjoy my blogs!

Oh the places you will go with Augie, abroad…

College has been filled with many decisions to be made. Before coming into college, I already knew that I wanted to study abroad, the question was, where? Augustana does a great job at providing international programs that will fit most students’ interests. There are programs for specific majors, research oriented, or internship based. Some programs […]

Homecoming at Augustana

Homecoming week was always my favorite time of the school year while in High School. I never expected it to be equally as fun in college. Even though they are very distinct, many of the same traditions are kept. Some of these include dressing up to certain themes, having a “pep rally,” and attending the […]

Carnival at Augie!

A carnival on campus? Sounds hard to believe right? Well it happened! Last weekend, 2 greek groups, Chi Alpha Pi, which I am a part of, and Alpha Sigma Xi partnered with OSA to put on an all campus carnival. The event was hosted from 11pm-2am in the PepsiCo gym. There were free corn dogs, […]

Welcoming the New MCO Babies

  It is no secret that diversity on campus is constantly increasing. Augie has a great program that they host every year for students who come from diverse backgrounds; it is the Multicultural Student Orientation. Last year I was fortunate to be invited to be a part of this orientation and I can honestly say […]

& Round 2 Begins!

It’s crazy to think that it’s a year now that I started college. I can honestly say that last year, being my first year at Augie, has been my best year so far. Yes, it was stressful and hectic at times with all of my school work, extra-curricular activities, and work, but I got through […]

Following the road to the Greek World

It’s been a long time since I’ve last blogged but that’s because I have been busy, busy, busy! As if I didn’t have enough with classes and all of my extracurricular activities, I decided to rush in February. When I first came into college I didn’t know much about sororities and fraternities. Most of what […]

So who is Tommy Treadway?

So who is Tommy Treadway? To most it is just a library, but to us Augie students, Tommy Treadway is much more than that! I remember hearing that once in college, I would never leave the library. During the first term of college I avoided the library. I preferred to get my work in done […]

B.U.S. Meets Chicago!

As some of you might remember, a few months back I talked about one of my favorite clubs on campus, Beta Upsilon Sigma, also known as Business Club. BUS is a great organization to join in you plan on going into the world of business. We meet every other week for about an hour and […]

Cure to homesickness

It doesn’t matter how far we live from home.; we all get homesick at some point or another. At the beginning of the year I suffered from EXTREME home sickness. For some reason I was fine during the school week, but once the weekend came all I wanted to do was go home, which is […]

3 break…4 break…3 break!

It’s been a while since my last blog. Last time I did this, I had just registered for winter term classes and was about to go on fall break. Many things have happened since then. I had expected winter term to be pretty much just like fall term, but was I wrong! There is a […]