A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, my name is Tyler Andrews and I am full-time student at the wonderful campus of Augustana College. I am a Colorado native, but moved to the Chicago suburb of Wheaton. I am a current Elementary Education major, and I also love socializing with people and trying new things. I am involved in many clubs and sports such as Swimming, Camp Kesem, Viking Pups, GSA, and Leadership Academy. I love exploring, food, music, animals, kids, and cards. Please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions. I am great with relating to others and seeing others perspectives on life. Please feel free to look at my blog anytime! Go VIKINGS!

Senior Year WHAT???

So, my last post hasn’t been since sophomore year of College! I apologize for all my viewers to which we were redesigning the website, so I wasn’t on for a long time. I can’t believe it is Senior year. What does senior year even mean? Well, I will tell you one thing, it is a […]

Am I really 21??

The year is 2016 and I feel like my years are slipping away in seconds. I remember graduating High School like it was yesterday. I remember doing my first play in 4th grade. Where has it all gone?! Many people may not admit that they are growing up, but it is true for many students […]

Say Something To Yourself!

Hello everyone, I am sorry for not posting in months, but I am back at it again. I miss doing this and haven’t forgotten about it. Today, I wanted to focus on talking about finding ourselves and getting through hard times, because college can be a struggle and stressful on the mind. I can tell […]

What A Late Winter Can Bring!!!

It is always wonderful to find out that winter is wanting to show up late this year! FUN!! Coming back to campus after a long winter break, I find it interesting. It is always that awkward time of year where we are just starting to get back into the role of things. One thing that […]

One In A Million Chances

There are many challenges that get thrown at us every day, but what is it that keeps us tackling those challenges? There are people who roll through challenges like it’s nothing, and then there are people like me, who have to climb mountains and dig tunnels just to find an answer. Does that mean I […]


Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s year is splendid!  I apologize for not blogging in a while, but college will do that to you!!  One thing I will put out there is that the LAST TWO WEEKS OF THE TERM are STRESSFUL!!!   This isn’t HIGH SCHOOL anymore, so you better mentally prepare for all that […]


Hello everyone, Today I want to share my dorm experience thus far.   Since each dorm is unique in its own way, we all find little quirks that appeal to us.  I am well aware that I am a little behind schedule, but I still feel that it is necessary for people to get a […]


Hello Augie friends!  I don’t normally talk about touchy topics, but my goal with this blog is to not only take you through my amazing Augie experience, but to also really understand the different experiences students have and how Augie is not just a school, but a family.  The programs we have here are wonderful […]


Today is the marking remembrance of 14 years since the tragic morning that occurred, scarring the lives of many across the nation.  One thing is clear though; we will never forget that traumatizing day.  I will say that I won’t forget that morning on 9/11/2001 for the fact that all I could understand at the […]

What is it like being an Augustana Viking?

We have all heard about my blabbing experience thus far as an Augustana Viking, but what about some of the other exotic Freshmen, who are just now taking a step into a WHOLE NEW WORLD?  I personally went around and asked some of my fellow classmates to get an insight of what their personal experience has […]