A window inside life at Augustana College

.:A Case of the Mondays:.

Well it’s Monday…of Week 9…and that’s enough to have Augustana students groaning at the mere thought of the waves of fatigue, the endless mountain of term papers, and the floods of coffee that will fill the next few weeks, especially finals week as we all know. We all know how awful Mondays can be…but as […]

.:Of Fish and Snails:.

Like many college students, especially pre-vet majors such as myself, one of the first questions I asked myself was whether or not I would get a fish in college. Fish are perhaps the perfect candidate for dorm room pet, as they are low maintenance and fun to watch. Throughout my childhood I had plenty of […]

Forget the Freshman 15…the Freshman Flu is much worse!

Sickness is a part of every day life. We all strongly dislike it, but sadly, we have to deal with it. With sickness comes more sickness, etc etc. Sickness keeps us from doing the things we enjoy doing, and especially the things that we don’t enjoy doing (hooray!). Everyone remembers how things went when we […]