A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello curious person, my name is Nate Wendt,

Welcome to the exclusive thoughts of mine! Though it may be a jingle jangle assortment of opinions or experiences, I promise each is a journey that we can take together!

I’m currently a freshman here, don’t judge too hard already, and I plan to major in English and Multimedia Journalism, while also earning a minor in Political Science and Creative Writing.

I’m from the suburban town called Geneva, Illinois, where the grass is green and the people are friendly.

I enjoy various kinds of music, movies, books, and video games.

Saving Private Ryan and Ratatouille are the best movies ever and need to be watched by every single individual.

I root for the Chicago Blackhawks, Bears, and White Sox.

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. You’re an awesome individual who should be given a medal! (I’ll give you an imaginary one)

Have fun reading!

Perks of being a WAUG DJ

Three years ago, I had no idea what I would be doing in college. I was interested in trying everything and anything that the school had to offer. When I saw the school had a radio station, I immediately jumped on the chance. Being a WAUG DJ is awesome to say the least. Not only […]

A Beautiful Day at Augustana

I don’t think today’s weather could have been anymore perfect today. With some of the free time I took some pictures of natury things on Augie’s campus. Take a gander! !

It’s Not Just Here, But Everywhere

Some of you may have caught news of the race riots that have devastated not only Ferguson, but now the new race riot that is occurring right now in Baltimore. Though the riots first had a more peaceful way of protest, they have escalated into full pandemonium with looters tearing up shops and even gangs […]

A Great Weekend to be a Viking!

Wow. This one word summarizes the whole weekend being an Augustana student. First off, the Augustana Men’s Track Team 4×4 WON at the Indoor Track National Meet with a time of 3:15, just barely winning by :02 seconds. I believe they set a new record for our school as well! In addition to that FANTASTIC […]

Goodbye Yik Yak

An email went out today from the Student Government here at Augustana at 12:50 p.m. saying that the IT department here at Augustana has finally banned the use of the social media app, known as Yik Yak, from use on the Augustana internet. All of this transpired because there were offensive/ racist posts put on […]

Something New

Hey everyone, I’ve been gone for a little bit of time. So much has transpired since the last time I posted. I’m with WAUG, SAGA literary magazine, and am a member on the Observer. I recommend to anyone not involved with WAUG to get involved because it’s a blast and you can be on the […]

All Of Me For You

I was checking out the Itunes store a couple days ago to look for some new and current songs for my WAUG radio show. I was scrolling through the songs until I arrived to John Legend’s “All of Me.” After giving the song a quick listen to, I decided it would be in my best […]

Reflection of a College Spring Break

Hey everyone, My first college spring break has come and gone like sand through my fingertips. Each moment hanging with friends, cherishing time with family, or just relaxing the day away seems like it happened a whole life time ago. Like most people, I wish I had traveled somewhere where there isn’t snow and the […]