A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello everyone! And welcome to my blog. My name is Grace Carlson, and I am currently a freshman here at Augustana, hoping to major in Political Science and minor in German. I am from the wonderful town of Crystal Lake, Illinois, and a very proud Crystal Lake Central High School alum. Here at Augie, I’m involved in Choir and hoping to become a part of Greek life in the spring. I like to spend my free time knitting scarves and drinking peppermint tea (I’m basically an elderly person at heart). I hope you enjoy my take on Augustana life!

I saw a terrifying doll today and I’m still not over it.

Hello Readers! I hope everyone had a great holiday season/ winter break! To be completely honest with you, 98% of mine was spent watching movies and trying to avoid going outside into the cold. It was awesome.  Now I’m back at school, doing essentially the same thing. After spending more hours than I care to […]

Winter Term and Christmas at Augustana

In the words of the very prolific and respected artist Miley Cyrus, Winter term has come in like a wrecking ball. (That’s what that song is about, right? School? No? Oh, okay.) Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that this term has been a big change for me. As I mentioned in a previous […]

Davenport, Iowa: Christmas Capital of the World

Guess what guys? I went on an adventure today.    My friend Emma and I took our first jaunt across the river to visit the Quad Cities Festival of Trees in Davenport, Iowa this afternoon. (Quick background on Emma because I’m sure she’ll be a frequent character in this blog. She and I went to […]

Freshman Year Fall Term in Pictures

Hello readers! (AKA hey Mom, Dad and that kid I paid $5 to read this and tell me how great it is)   Welcome to my very first Augie blog! I’m very excited to be giving you a look at Augustana life from my point of view.  I remember reading through these blogs when I […]