A window inside life at Augustana College

Hello, everyone! My name is Marie Brzezinski and I’m an English Education major in the Class of 2016.
I originally come from Sycamore, IL but moved to St. Louis, MO over the summer. I play clarinet in the Augustana Symphonic Band and I’m also a board member and head tutor in a new campus group, Opportunity Kicks Tutoring (OKT). Opportunity Kicks is a free soccer team that allows refugee kids to play a sport at no charge to them. OKT provides free after-school activities and tutoring to these students every Thursday, and it’s a blast watching these kids grow and develop as people. On top of being in OKT and the Symphonic Band, I also work in the Bergendoff ticket office!
When I’m not in class or working, I love to spend time with friends, watch movies, and read. I’m a huge F. Scott Fitzgerald fan; one of my goals is to read all of his works by the time I graduate!
Please feel free to comment on my blog posts, I’d love to interact with my readers!

Once EDUC340, Always EDUC340

This was a line in my EDUC340 professor’s final “Random Memorandum” for the term. Deborah Bracke teaches EDUC340: Methods of Inclusion, a class required by all Education majors, and the Random Memorandum is her weekly email containing any stray thoughts about our week’s progress. As we come to the end of the term (and the […]

My First College Field Trip!

Hello, everyone! I apologize for having neglected posting for several weeks now. Spring term is in full swing! Believe it or not, I went on my first college field trip today to the Blackhawk Special Education Center in East Moline as part of my EDUC 340 class. The school educates children with special needs ages […]

Takeshita-dori, Temples, and Tons of Fun!

This spring break, I traveled over 6000 miles with the Augustana Symphonic Band to Japan! We spent an amazing 12 days on tour (well, really ten if you subtract for travel) exploring Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo! I don’t want to overload you all with a giant picture dump, but I have a few that […]

Sometimes You Just Need A Nap

Between classes, managing a tutoring organization, work, and getting ready to go to Japan (T-minus 16 days!!), I often find myself in desperate need of some sleep. I live in Erickson, so trekking back to upper campus just for a nap isn’t always feasible. As a result, I’ve made myself familiar with the coziest spots […]

In Which I Am A Gigantic Nerd

Yesterday, as we all know, was Symposium Day. I trudged outside from the warm covers of my bed into what I thought would be just an average day. However, one of the sessions I attended was so great that I was thinking of the blog post I’d write before the session had even ended. For […]

Northern IL vs. St. Louis – The Winter Weather Showdown

For those that don’t know me well (or just haven’t read my blog intro), I’m originally from a small town in northern Illinois called Sycamore. It’s just about a two-hour drive east on 88, and I’ve spent most of my life there. In March, my family made the move to St. Louis. I recently had […]

Reflections on My Last Day of Being a Teenager

Happy Monday, everyone! Tomorrow is December 10, 2013, which happens to be my 20th birthday! I’ve been asked the same question by a lot of people today: “How does it feel knowing that today is your last day of being a teenager?” Honestly, it feels the same as any other day. Maybe it’s because we’re […]

An Amazing Discovery on Small Business Saturday!

Welcome back, everyone! I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend filled with family and food. If you remember my intro post, you’ll know that I live in St. Louis, which is about 5 hours away from campus. It seemed a bit silly to do all of that traveling for three days at […]

This Campus Group is Kickin’!

Hey everyone! In my introduction post, some of you might have noticed that I talked about something called Opportunity Kicks Tutoring. (And now you realize just how corny the blog title is.) “But, Marie, I don’t know what Opportunity Kicks Tutoring is!” Well, lucky for you, that’s what this post is all about! So, without […]

Get to know the newest Augie Blogger!

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! I thought I would use my first post to introduce myself and let you all know what I’ll be writing about, so here we go! If you didn’t know already, my name is Marie Brzezinski and I’m a sophomore English Education major. I got my acceptance letter to Augie […]