Care packages – always appreciated

There’ s nothing quite like receiving a care package when you are in college.  Here are some tips on how to send one…

Be sure to send it to the Correct Mailing Address

Perishable Items
Anything that may perish within three days is not a good idea to send. This is especially true if the package cannot be delivered directly to your college student’s dorm room. Nonperishable food items such as breakfast bars, ramen noodles and coffee, tea or hot chocolate, are a must.

Send Items They Can Use
Towels, toiletries and laundry detergent are just a few items that any college student would appreciate. Keep them stocked up with these items instead of sending the money for them.

This saves them time.

Practical items, like new undies and socks, will be appreciated and make a good joke for their roommates.

New supplies for school will help their budget, and cleaning supplies for their room are probably needed.

Send Extra
Dorm friends abound, especially when

a package arrives. Send a little extra for your college student to share.

Look off campus
Check out what is near their college and add a gift certificate, like to a pizza joint or the closest grocery store.

Get Personal
Personal items such as pictures of the family dog can uplift any college student out of the studying and too busy funk. Try a humorous card with a personal note, it will make a great memory for them.

Recent pictures of the family or pets always bring a smile. Send a disposable camera and a self-addressed envelope along too. This way they can send some pictures back.

Defining the student: lives in a dorm, has access to a microwave, hot pot and small room refrigerator.

Get creative! Pack it all in a storage container that they can reuse. Wrap the gifts up in a new towel, small bucket or other useable item.

  Potato chips
  Corn Chips
  Pretzels
  Tea
  Coffee
  Hot cocoa
  Ramen noodles
  Canned pasta meals
  Cookies
  Mints
  Gum
  Candy bars or other chocolate
  Microwave popcorn
  Mac and Cheese
  Instant oatmeal

Personal Items
  Soap
  Shampoo
  Conditioner
  Feminine napkins
  Tampons
  Shower shoes
  Lotion
  Toothpaste
  Toothbrush
  Towel
 Washcloth
  Toothbrush holder
  Makeup
  Deodorant
  Contact lens solution
  Hairspray

School Supplies
  Pen
  Pencil
  Paper – lined or plain
  Notebooks
  Sticky notes
  Highlighters

Other Items for Care Packages
  Photo album
  Letters and drawings from younger siblings
  Video of family sending their love
  Blank CDs/DVDs/USB drives
  Holiday decorations
  All purpose spray cleaner
  Trash can liners
  Laundry detergent
  Fabric softener
  Recent magazine
  Recent hometown newspaper
  Motivational book
  Devotional book
  Air freshener
  Paper towels
  Napkins
  Dish soap
  Dish cloth
  Phone card
  Envelopes
  Stamps
  Pictures of recent event

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Meghan Cooley has worked in admissions for over 15 years. She's served in a variety of roles, ranging from tour guide to admissions counselor to her most recent position as Director of Admissions and Recruitment. Through many admissions cycles - she's experienced the ebb and flow of the higher education landscape in the Midwest, become an expert on family dynamics within the college search, guided many through the details of the college search and witnessed the joy and disappointment of student college decisions.

Now, as the Director of Recruitment Communication and Manager of social media at Augustana College, Meghan and her team of talented students focus on marketing Augustana to prospective families, educating families about the college search process, and enhancing professional development opportunities in the profession. She is passionate about increasing diversity (socio-economic and ethnic) in private higher education, alleviating the fears and frustrations that often come with a college search (especially in first generation families), and above all, helping students find the best fit for them as they explore all the educational opportunities available.

Meghan often invites guest bloggers mostly including Augustana admissions staff and current students to contribute. The talented students and staff offer a perspective in the trenches of the college search and college experience.

A 1999 graduate of Augustana College, Meghan holds Bachelor's Degrees in English and Spanish. An avid international traveler, she recommends hiking the Inca Trail to Manchu Picchu in Peru, eating Gelato in Rome, Italy, and seeing an opera at the Volksoper in Vienna, Austria. She is married to Augustana graduate and Modern Woodmen project manager, Luke Cooley. They have three sons, Charles, Oliver and Bennett.

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