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Seniors are guest authors on graduate blog

June  27, 2016

Augustana seniors who majored in mathematics will be appearing as guest authors in the Graduate Student Blog for the American Mathematical Society this summer. Their post contain analyses they did as part of their Senior Inquiry projects with Dr. Brian Katz.

So far, Michalina Malysz writes about "OKCupid: The Math Behind Online Dating," and Michael Dimock's post is "Nate Silver and the Stylish Statistics of Predicting Elections." He graduated from Augustana in May.

All of Dr. Katz's seniors get the opportunity to be guest bloggers on this graduate forum. For the past two year, they've been compiled as one group, but this summer the blog will publish one guest's work each week.

Posts are announced on Twitter by @amsgradbog. Dr. Katz is an occasional contribute and a member of the blog's editorial board.