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Engineering Physics

Beginning in the fall term of 2010, Augustana will offer a major in engineering physics.

Lee Carkner at physics club
Dr. Lee Carkner, left, chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department, at a meeting of the student Physics Club. (Veronica Smith/Augustana Photo Bureau)

Augustana ranks in the top 10 percent of small colleges in the United States for its number of physics majors, many of whom are enrolled in Augustana's "3-2" pre-engineering program. Students in this program study physics at Augustana for three years and then enroll in an engineering program at a nationally ranked engineering school, such as University of Illinois, Purdue University, Iowa State University, University of Iowa and University of Minnesota, for another two years.

The new engineering physics major is designed for students interested in the applied side of physics or considering the 3-2 pre-engineering program. The new program will give students more direct, hands-on experiences in engineering which will prepare them more specifically for the next step in their education.

The engineering physics major will feature a designated engineering faculty member, a new design lab and several new engineering classes. Students will have opportunities to design prototypes on the computer, build physical models and learn about the professional codes of the field through local internships.

Dr. Lee Carkner is the chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department.