John Henry Hauberg (1869 - 1955) was a local historian and photographer of the Quad City area. His father, Marx Detlev Hauberg, came to the United States from Germany in 1848, moving to Moline in 1849. Marx soon settled on a farm in upper Rock Island County. He married Anna Margaret Frels, and John, eldest of eight children who grew to adulthood, was born. After college John moved to the Quad Cities to practice law. He married Susanne Denkmann, daughter of lumber giant F.C.A. Denkmann, on June 29, 1911. John Hauberg died on September 13, 1955.

In addition to many community involvements including the Black Hawk Hiking Club, the Sunday School movement, and the Augustana Historical Society, he took an interest in the history of the community. Especially curious about the first settlers of the area, he interviewed many of the members of the Old Settler's Association. Hauberg's collection contains over 350 pioneer interviews, a fraction of which are represented here.

Effort has been taken to preserve these interviews as closely as possible to Hauberg's original typed copies. However, due to modern typefaces, line breaks and margins do not occur exactly as in the originals. Hauberg's spellings, typographic errors, and punctuation have been retained, as well as his decorative characters. Notes in Hauberg's own hand have been indicated in square [ ] brackets. Information added to help explain the transition from original to computer-generated text, for example, identifying photograph captions, has been added in braces { }.

John Hauberg
Ellen Bromley -Early Rock Island
Emma Fairhurst -Life in Kansas
Marx Detlev Hauberg -Farmlife
Ruth Ann Hendren (Mrs. S.B. Hendren) -Colonel Davenport murderers
Mary Lydia Kelly -Colonel Davenport murderers' hanging
John Koch -Immigration from Germany
Eliza A. Laflin -early Rock Island settlers
E.P.Lovejoy/Lester R. Bryant -Underground Railroad
Eliza Jane Carr Lukens/George Lukens -Chief Black Hawk
Jermiah Hall Lyford -Early medical practices
John Moody -Civil War
Emma Oltman -Farm life
Jere Pearsall -Early Coe town life
Henry Quick -Bluff School
Anna Watts -Early Rock Island
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